Escape Rooms keep us up late at night… imagining new way to excite, surprise, and sometimes even terrify our players.

The EscapePoint team has created over 45 escape rooms in the last four years and we LOVE the act of creating a space that surrounds players with unique stories and asks them to think outside the box in order to escape the box.

At EscapePoint we have two escape rooms that will stretch you to the limits, so make sure you arrive with your group ready to communicate, think creatively, and never give up until the timer runs out.

Don’t worry. You got this. We believe in you!




855 W College St, Suite M, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

(615) 274-8210


What We Do

I’ve Never Played an escape room!

An escape room looks much like a movie set — when you set foot in the room you will be surrounded by a story you get to figure out and puzzles, riddles, and challenges you will have to solve in order to escape the room in 60 minutes or less.

Sound cool?


I’m ready to choose My room!

We’ll not stand in your way!

At EscapePoint we have three amazing rooms and have developed a reputation for unique storylines and unexpected clues. There’s not a bad choice to be had at EP.



Hold on! I’ve got questions!

This is very new to me, can you tell me…

Absolutely! We would LOVE to talk to you in person and answer any and all questions you might have — if you’re a phone talker dial us up at (615) 274-8210.

If you’re an emailer, fire a message our way via email through our Contact form.

If you prefer the warm comforts of a digital FAQ, we can help you out there too.

My Group is pretty unique. Can you…

Bend over backwards to accommodate your every need and do whatever is possible to make it work for your group to come have an amazing time at EscapePoint?

Oh. You can bet we will do absolutely everything we can!

Please call us so we can get started on taking care of you ASAP — (615) 274-8210

(Our event page and FAQ could also be of assistance to you)