Our Rooms

Our Escape Rooms


If you’re looking for a little guidance, try:

  • The White Room if traditional locks and puzzles aren’t your thing. If you crave something abstract and unique, look no further than the White Room!

  • Incubation if you’re an experienced group craving a fresh challenge. Our most challenging room presents itself as a medical mystery, with a twist!

  • Last Kill & Testament if you’re 18+ and looking for an experience you won’t forget! Murfreesboro’s only escape room guaranteed to make you scream!



Since this clinic is designed for a small sample size, your control group will be no larger than 8 people.

For more accurate results, we need a group of at least 2 to begin virotherapy.

the white room

Since the crime rate of 2217 is so low, it is unlikely you’ll be put into holding with more than 5-6 others.

For effecient use of resources, we recommend Cleansing at least two subjects at a time..

last kill & testament

At the moment, we’re capping this room at 6 victims.

More can be added if requested, but for general comfort we recommend 6 or less.